The Solvatten project works for the future of the children and people living in Burkina Faso, Africa. They use the solar power not only to improve the environment but also to save lifes. Solvatten is a Swedish invention that heats and purifies water with the help of sunlight. Clean, safe water is a must. Hot water is a must. Hot water is also good for cooking, hand washing, bathing and domestic use. The easy to use container is filled with water and left in the sun for a couple of hours. The process prevents microorganisms from reproducing, leaving the water safe from bacteria that causes diarrhea and other diseases. Solvatten also has a close partnership with Plan International who works closely with the local government and makes sure the project has the wanted result.

Solvatten works not only for the future of the environment but also for the lives of so many people in need and we are proud to help them on their way to a better future.