Manually lifting patients exposes caregivers to a great risk of being injured. Therefore it is essential for us to improve their quality of life, and thus of their patients, by offering safe, ergonomic and efficient Power Solutions for Patient Handling Systems.

With this efficient and ergonomic system, quick lifting and smooth ramps, REAC’s Power Solutions can save care centres time, money and people’s health.

REAC’s product range for Patient lifts contains lifting and leg spread actuators, control boxes and hand controls. Some of the systems can also be connected to REAC's Service and Usage Tracking tools, RST10 and RUT10.  Through these tools, the caregiver can control customized settings, perform service tasks, monitor system behaviour and export usage data.

In the list below are products that are suitable for patient handling systems.

All products can be adapted to your requirements, so if you don’t find what you are looking for contact us and let us know what you want!