People who live part of, or all of, their lives in a wheelchair often have a great wish to remain as mobile and independent as possible. But when you don’t have the strength or the mobility to move on your own you have to trust someone, or something, else. As a wheelchair user it is important that you can trust your chair and that it moves smoothly and quietly. This means that the wheelchair manufacturers need to focus on finding strong, compact, quiet and qualitative parts, such as actuators and lift and tilt systems, to be able to build comfortable, reliable wheelchairs that the user wants.

REAC's Power Solutions for Wheelchairs contains flexible, fast and quiet electrical actuators, lift and tilt systems, and control systems all designed to improve the quality of life for the user. Almost all the actuators can be equipped with positioning feedback systems to ensure safe and efficient movement.  

In the list below are products that are suitable for different wheelchair applications.

All products can be adapted to your requirements, so if you don’t find what you are looking for please contact us and let us know what you want.