Be in control man ease your mind

The nursing home need to keep track on all the patient lifts in the building, How many are there? Where are they? Are they charged? How often do we use the lifts?

Is my old grandmother ok? Have someone have helped her out of bed today? Does she need to charge the batteries? Has she gained or lost weight according to plan?


Information based on your needs

  • Instant and reliable access to information
  • Secure and robust remote monitoring
  • Enhanced safety, accessibility and ease of mind
  • Improved efficiency and cost control through asset tracking
  • You choose how to send information, wireless or cellular connections
  • Work together with most of mobile devices and laptops


  • For caregivers: Battery status, Fault messaging, Event log, Location, Etc.
  • For patients and relatives: Battery status, Last use, weight. Push notifications


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