RE406 Actuator

RE406 is a unique high efficiency and compact state-of-the-art actuator with a design suitable for many different applications.

Max push force [N] 6000
Speed at no load [mm/s] 7.7
Current consumption at no load [A] 1.1
Min. build-in length, excl. stroke [mm] 130
Pitch [mm]
Max pull force [N] 4000
Stroke length std [mm] 50 - 200
IP class IPX4
Speed at max. load [mm/s] 5.1
Current consumption at max. load [A] 5.2

Below are the dimensions of the actuators

The charts below showing the correlation between speed and current for the actuator

Name Description
Data Sheet RE406 Download the data sheet for more technical information. Download (pdf file, 551.2KB)
User Manual RE406 Download the user manual to learn more about the mounting, safety and maintenance. Download (pdf file, 662.9KB)

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