Mechanical limit switch

The mechanical limit switch is a mechanical feedback device which can be used in actuators to control the stroke length between two fixed end positions by the activated micro switch signals. One or two micro switches are mounted in a plastic housing on the outer actuator tube, the micro switches are activated by a metal piston which follows the moving cylinder.

Max load non-inductive rated at 30VDC
Resistive load 10A
Lamp load 4A
Max load inductive rated at 30VDC
Inductive load 10A
Motor load 4A

Below are the actuator(s) that can be equipped with this feedback system or switch

Name Description
Mechanical Limit Switch Data sheet Download the data sheet for more technical information Download (pdf file, 178.0KB)
Feedback & Switches Matrix See which feedback systems and switches that work together with REAC's actuators. Download (pdf file, 184.1KB)

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