• REAC control box RCB10


Like it's precursor (RCB10) from REAC, the new RCB10+ is a 4 channel control box with a 2 Ah battery pack and an external charger. With the new RCB10+ you can easily configure your individual settings by connecting the control system to a PC. The RCB10+ is intended to be used where space is limited in a various range of assistive products. It is very flexible and can operate almost any actuator. It has customizable current limits, soft start and soft stop, which are calibrated pre-delivery. If you are working with a new product or a project, please contact REAC to learn more how to best use our RCB systems.

In the list below you find the standard features for this system

Operating temperature-15°C to +50 °C
Storage temperature-40°C to +60 °C
ColorBlack and orange
Soft start/stopYes
Single fault protectionYes
EMC conformityEN 61000-6-2, EN 61000-6-3, EN 60601-1-2, ISO 7176-21
Flammability ratingUL94V-0

Below you find the dimensions of the system

RCB10 dimensions
RCB10 dimensions
RCB10 connector placements
RCB10 connector placements

Name Description
RCB10+_Data sheet Issue 1.0.pdf Data sheet Download (pdf file, 158.5KB)
CAD drawings RCB10+ step file I RCB10+ CAD 1 of 2 Download (rar file, 31.3MB)
CAD drawing RCB10+ step file II CAD file 2/2 Download (rar file, 31.3MB)
REAC RCB10 vs RCB10+ comparison sheet.pdf Comparison sheet between RCB10 and RCB10+ Download (pdf file, 221.8KB)
User Manual RCB10+ 2.0.pdf User manual for control box RCB10+ Download (pdf file, 752.3KB)
User Manual RCB10+ battery replacement version 2.0.pdf Battery replacement instructions for RCB10+ Download (pdf file, 499.8KB)

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