• REAC control box RCB15


The REAC Control Box – RCB15, is a 2 channel control box, which together with REAC hand control RHC15 is designed to be used in patient lifts, handling one lift actuator and one leg spread actuator. The system consists of a control box and a battery packed in the same enclosure. As default it has a built in charger, emergency stop button and a panel with buttons for lifting and lowering, sound alarm at low battery level and deep discharge protection.

In the list below you find the standard features for this system

Current limitsAdjustable, configurable at delivery (RCB15) or through service tool (RCB20, RCB25)
Output voltage24VDC
Operating temperature0°C to +40 °C
Storage temperature-20°C to +50 °C
Duty cycle10%, 2min use 18min rest as default
Emergency stop buttonYes
Sound/Buzzer alarmYes, for low battery
Emergency lift/loweringYes
Internal chargerYes
Deep discharge protectionYes
Soft start/stopConfigurable at delivery (RCB15) or through service tool (RCB20, RCB25)
ColorRAL 9016
Approvals RCB25IEC62133 2nd edition - pending, UN38.3 (needed for transport of lithium batteries) - pending

Below you find the dimensions of the system

RCB15 dimensions
RCB15 dimensions

Name Description
RCB15 Data sheet Download the data sheet for more technical information Download (pdf file, 196.1KB)
User manual RCB15 Download the user manual to get more information regarding how to use and maintain the control box. This manual also covers RCB20 and RCB25. Download (pdf file, 1.5MB)

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