• REAC Lift system 300mm - top position
  • REAC Lift system 300mm - bottom position
  • REAC lift system - lift position

Lift system

The Reac Lift System is a very compact and powerful lift device. Clever engineering allows an impressive lifting performance of 200kg up to 300mm, still maintaining an 78mm overall build-in height. It has ideal specifications for electrical wheelchairs as well as other suitable applications.

Load capacity [kg] 200
Min install height [mm] 78
Lifting height [mm] 300
Weight [kg] 16

Below you find the dimensions of the system

Strong Lift system dimensions - Lift and bottom position
Strong Lift system dimensions - Lift and bottom position

Name Description
Lift_Data sheet Issue 3.0.pdf Download (pdf file, 421.0KB)

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