Electrical power solutions solving motion problems & improve quality of life

As an expert in electrical Power Solutions we are confident to say that we can solve a wide range of motion problems. REAC Power Solutions contain compact, strong, flexible electrical actuators, lift, tilt & control systems. If you don't find what you looking for, please contact us and we will help you customize the product to your requirements.

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REAC improve quality of life

People say that you should trust your own strength, but those who can’t have to rely on using someone else’s. The same goes for movement. Movement is a part of our life and may be even more important to people who are immobile due to illness or disability. This is where REAC comes into the picture; we are passionate about helping people in their daily lives, and by providing a broad range of advanced power solutions suitable for many different applications, we hope to make the lives of caregivers and patients a little bit easier.

Our power solutions - actuators, lift, tilt & control systems