RE5004 - compact yet powerful

Well suited for limited build in spaces such as seat lifts, lift-chairs, wheelchair lifting devices. Controlled by any REAC controller as well as other third party controllers. Max push force 6000N.

In the list below are the standard features for this actuator.

Motor24VDC standard or fast. Motor angle fixed in 90°
Mounting bracketscyl 10,0/12,0mm, fork 10,1mm. Angle for rear bracket is 0° or 90°
ConnectionCable 0,5m 2x0,75mm2 (stripped ends)
Operating temperature+5° to +40°C
Storage temperature-40° to +70°C
Stroke lengths [mm]50, 100, 150, 200, 250
Duty cycle10%, max 2 min at continuous use followed by an 18 min rest

Below are the dimensions of the actuators

Actuator dimensions, RE5004
Actuator dimensions, RE5004

The charts below showing the correlation between speed and current for the actuator

RE5004, pitch 3mm, Standard motor
RE5004, pitch 3mm, Standard motor
RE5004, pitch 3mm, Fast motor
RE5004, pitch 3mm, Fast motor

Below are the feedback system(s) and/or switche(s) that works together with this actuator

Name Description
RE5004 Data sheet Download the data sheet for more technical information Download (pdf file, 318.4KB)
Feedback & Switches Matrix See which feedback systems and switches that work together with REAC's actuators. Download (pdf file, 184.1KB)

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