REAC Service Toolbox (RST10), is as the name suggests, a toolbox consisting of several different tools. It is a PC software for maintenance of products in our RCS series, which can be used to control customizable settings, perform common service tasks, and to monitor system behavior. Engineers might find it useful when evaluating application solutions. Service technicians can use the toolbox for regular maintenance tasks as well as for troubleshooting. RST10 is available for REAC control box RCB20 and RCB25.

In the list below you find the standard features for this system

Service warningsReset
SettingsChange if supported by device
Event logView
Save complete system image to diskYes
Load settings from diskYes, if supported by device
Set timeYes, if supported by device
System requirementsWindows Vista, 7, 8, 10 or compatible
User requirementsRight to install USB driver
USB portOne free

Name Description
RST10 Data sheet Download the data sheet to get more information about the software Download (pdf file, 252.4KB)
RST10 Installation file Download the RST10 software and install it on your computer Download (pdf file, 84.3KB)
General features RST10 Download this document to get more information about the software, its features and how to use it Download (pdf file, 368.7KB)

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